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Plumbers, Firefighters, Electricians

This site is dedicated to providing a) resources to people interested in learning about careers in skilled vocations like firefighting and plumbing, and b) news about current events in these same industries.  If you’d like to learn how plumbers get trained and licensed, this page below links to terrific resources for more information.  Thank you very much for visiting.

plumbers and firefightersFirefighter

Firefighting is clearly an exciting and sometimes dangerous profession.  With proper training, though, danger can be minimized.  This job is all about providing a critical public safety resource to communities by engaging in a speedy and skilled response to emergencies of all sizes.  Firefighters help put out or control fires, and assist other public safety officials in situations such as car accidents and medical emergencies.  This job is filled with energetic and helpful men and women who like to help people.  A firefighter is highly trained and works in close coordination with a crew of equally well trained people in a job that requires excellent teamwork.  Firefighters will always be in demand to help protect their communities.

plumbers working on fixturesPlumber

Plumbing is another interesting career option for smart, ambitious people who are not interested in the college path.  Plumbers generally go through four to five years of training in an internship program that includes both on-the-job work experience as well as hundreds of hours of plumbing courses in school before getting a journeyman plumber license.  Once licensed, plumbers work on a variety of projects, some focussed on larger industrial work and many others on smaller homebuilding projects.  Yet others work mostly on service and repairs of existing homes and plumbing equipment.  A plumber can earn a very good income once he or she is an experienced journeyman or master plumber.  This is a job that will always be in demand.

To learn more about a plumbing career, see, a site devoted to providing in-depth information on this topic.  Some additional helpful pages there include a series of pages all about how to get your plumbing license in many states in the united states, and why a plumbing apprenticeship is the best way to get started on the path to become a plumber.

Thanks for learning more about careers as plumbers and firefighters.